I want to break free! Marketing to customers beyond your shop front.

Apr 10, 2016 | Brand Activations, Marketing, Pop-Up Shops

The online and offline world of shopping is now as cluttered a place as a cat lady’s lounge room. It is a chaotic, noisy and often confusing and customers are switching off. Creative signage, print collateral, 10,000 Facebook followers and SEO can only go so far to attract customers into your store and it is time to break free. Bring your business to the people, pop-up where they least expect to shop and target new audiences.

Enter the pop-up shop.

More than just a phenomenon…

The pop-up shop industry has seen consistent growth overseas in the last 6 years and Australia has just hit the tip of the iceberg. In 2013, Alexander Babbage Inc. observed 16% p.a growth in the US $8 billion pop-up industry since 2009. In 2014, The Centre for Economics and Business Research and EE reported that pop-up stores add 2.6 billion euros to the UK economy every year, with predicting the industry to grow at 2.5 times the rate of traditional retail in future years.

If you can’t beat them join them…

US based pop-up architecture firm, The Lionesque Group, reports that the average pop-up they work with sees a 35% increase in sales from doors opening to 6 months after close. Additionally, 50% off these pop-ups see an average increase of 30% on social media engagement over the lifespan of their pop-up shop.


Other benefits include:
  • Increased brand awareness and media attention
  • The ability to launch new stock in a public arena
  • The ability to trial and test products in market before rolling out across stores
  • Get in front of an older demographic not online
  • Cut through the cutter and bring your product to the customer in a unique way
Breaking free – the staged approach

We’re not suggesting that you go and sign a short-term lease on a vacant shop front tomorrow, or that you invest in a shipping container. Test the merits of “popping up” with one or all of the following:


Host events in-store or a unique location to tell your product story, connect with customers beyond the sale and create a memorable, social media sharable experience.

Pro tip: Only invite customers who are signed up to your e-news or part of a “members club”.

Market stalls – Road Trip

Take your store on a road trip to markets and festivals. Be creative and set up a pop-up stall that makes you stand out – host an experience, collaborate with other businesses and practice the 5 basic rules of visual merchandising – use of height, colour, texture, scent and space.

Pro tip: Pop-up at markets or festivals with the same demographic you are targeting your product and service towards.

Crash At A Friends Place

Collaboration is underrated in the retail and hospitality sector. Do your research and find products and services that are complementary to yours and pop-up in store or host events together to leverage off of selling to each others customer base!

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